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For Christians looking for a program that encourages weight loss through healthy diet and sound nutrition, Your Whole Life offers a system for gradual changes that are positive, practical and proven to become permanent. Read member testimonials.


From Maggie Davis

Food and nutrition are the foundation of good health, and Your Whole Life provides a nutritional program with the tools you need to eat right for your whole life. The "Eating Right" part
of this program is based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, food
pyramid recommendations, as well as on my work with individuals and
weight loss groups. . . . Your Whole Life also incorporates a method
of self-assessment and gradual behavior change that I have used in my
practice with individuals and groups for nearly 35 years. We will work
together so that you learn to develop personal goals and strategies for
improving your food habits, implement changes, identify barriers to
eating right, and ultimately establish a system for making healthy food
choices to last a lifetime.

During this process, you will learn not only to enjoy eating right but
also how to know yourself in a deeper and more meaningful way!