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Your Whole Life is more than a Christian diet program. Your Whole Life is a program about living a whole life that incorporates sound nutrition and wellness advice, tips for living well, and daily spiritual readings. Read more...
Your Whole Life - book, journal, and pedometer


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Share a question or idea on our message board, connect with Carol and Maggie, or talk with a friend in the 3D office!
Carol Showalter and Maggie Davis


Download resources recommended by Carol and Maggie in Your Whole Life, including the Weight History Questionnaire, Recommended Daily Portion Guidelines, Quarterly Health Assessment, and more.


Would you like to take the journey to health and wholeness with a close group of friends? Start a 3D group in your church or community — we will help you.

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Our online group is in the planning stages. Check our site or call the Your Whole Life office at 800.451.5006, ext. 300 for updates.

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