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"Women in our church have grown more connected, which has increased fellowship. Mission work isn’t just about what happens outside the church, it is also what can happen within. Women bonding and moving in a positive direction is a mission work of the heart."

~from a group member in Norwich, NY

Women need each other! A Your Whole Life group offers positive, meaningful connection with other women, and support in becoming more healthy and whole in Christ. You can start a group with a few friends, or by reaching out to others in your church or community.

Your Whole Life group members commit to meeting together for one hour, once per week, for twelve weeks. Each member keeps a daily journal, memorizes a weekly Scripture verse, and prays for each member of the group every day.

Every member of your group will need:
Your Whole LifeYour Whole Life
• a copy of the book, Your Whole Life
Open Your Heart: 12 Weeks of Daily Devotions

(Other resources and devotional books,
are also available in our store.)

To help you run the group,
download Guidelines for Leading a 3D Group (this is also found in the back of Your Whole Life) and Weekly Discussion Questions.

Contact Us if you have questions or feedback anytime. We’d love to hear from you.