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"As a woman who loves God and happens to be a psychiatrist, I highly recommend the 3D Plan to women who are looking to find balance in their life. Your Whole Life helps women to feed on God and healthy relationships with other women instead of ignoring feelings and numbing emotions with food. It teaches us to listen to the voice of God, listen to our body, and yes, to put ourselves first. We know we can’t take care of others until we take care of ourselves, but this book and group gave us permission and the support needed to do so. Strong women, each of whom epitomized the mythical “superwoman,” decided they didn’t want to be superwoman, but rather wanted to be whole, at peace with God, mankind and their body. We realized that as we managed our ‘whole life’ better, the weight loss would follow – and indeed it has.”
—Tonya D. Tuggle, River of Life Christian Center, Baltimore, MD

"I have done every diet imaginable and this is the best. The devotions are helping me so much, and I am learning to step back and be quiet and mindful in all areas of my life. I have lost 14 pounds so far.”
—Gail Spotts, Grace Lutheran Church, PA

"The web site was wonderful and gave me good information to take back to the group. Last week, some weight losses were reported, and nearly everyone was able to say that they had at least done something different to make changes in their lives. I feel that this program fills a need in all of us to pay attention to the whole person, rather than just focusing on food and what to eat or not eat.”
—Rev. Dr. Debra J. Hanson
Goodwins Mills United Methodist Church, Lyman, ME

"The 3D Plan helps you avoid your personal food and exercise traps by making you aware of them. It gives you tools to think about this question:  "Is this the best choice for me right now?"  And then you will eat the peanut butter on whole grain bread with a spot of jam instead of a grilled cheese and fries.” 
—Brenda Thompson, Reading Program Specialist, Women’s Division—General Board of Global Missions, United Methodist Church

"This book is my lifeline. The daily devotions touch on vital points and have helped me find the foundations for what I already believed. Your Whole Life has brought me the balance I was seeking – taking time to enjoy activities without guilt, but also helping me be more disciplined so that work is getting done. Oh, and did I say that I’ve lost 10 pounds?
—Karen Kellett, First Presbyterian Church of Springfield, PA

"We started a 3D group at our church in Morris and we are 20 plus strong! I am so excited that so many people want to improve their lives! I am leading it and the Parish Nurse is helping with the nutritional aspect. Already I am eating better, exercising more and talking to God more.”
—Karin Oehlwein, Friends in Christ Church, Morris IL

"I have finally gained a few more pounds and I am happy about it. I don’t need to lose any weight, but I have found the hard way how important it is to know all you can know about food and how it affects your body and functions. [Your Whole Life] has more to do with health than weight.”
—Carolyn, Presbyterian Women Nurture Committee

"I just thought I might mention that I have lost 80 pounds since we started the group last year.”
—Genie Creech, South Charleston, WV

"This book has been a wonderful asset to our church's small group ministry. As a member of our church's Health Team, I chose to facilitate a study and quickly I had 19 members to sign up (3 are men). Each week our discussions revolve around the week's theme, but what I like is that that the book lends itself to so many items of interest in the health field, that we have a hard time sticking to our hour of class. Besides the information by Carol and Maggie on the week's theme, I really enjoy the devotions, as they're so down to earth and applicable to our everyday lives. Keep up the good work - I hope to teach this class more times in the future, and I look forward to other publications along this same line. May God bless you all as you have done for our 3-D ministry!"
—Lynn Helton

"I like knowing it is God's influence and a desire to please Him that is helping me change my life and not necessarily a desire to lose weight. I have tried the other programs and want something that is more permanent."
—Peg South

I have come to be convinced, after many years of struggling to keep my weight down to a healthy level, that the effort to regulate my food intake is only part of the total picture. What are the issues behind my over-eating? A faith-based program is not afraid to address such deeper questions. I appreciate the non-diet emphasis. I think the devotions... are outstanding."
—Brad Lyle

"I chose a faith-based program because I have grown to appreciate the intricate connection between faith and wholeness of mind, body, and spirit. I love the non-diet approach the 3D offers because I now can look at food as a means to good health and wholeness. I have been very successful at making changes for me and my family without totally being denied of the occasional "splurge." It is a way of life, not just a temporary fix. It's an answer to lots of prayers offered."
—Sarah Schindler

"I first joined 3D about seven years ago. I was overweight, got tired easily, had high blood pressure that was not controlled, and osteopenia. Through 3D, I lost 60 pounds in less than 2 years. The results physically are that I have more energy, my blood pressure is normal, and the osteopenia is controlled. But more important to me, is the impact 3D had on my spiritual life. The devotions are outstanding and have helped me understand myself and the role God has in my life. I am more active in my church and faith as a result of this program."
—Helen Harms

"Our church sponsors not one but four 3D groups and collectively the members have lost hundreds of pounds. I myself have lost 60 pounds on the program and am still losing weight. Because of the personal insights I¹ve gained with 3D I now believe that I have a serious shot at keeping the pounds off for good."
—Donna Doan

"This program has literally taken off within our parish! We've already started two groups; one that meets in the evening and one that meets over a lunch hour. Over 30 people are participating and we just started 10 weeks ago! Due to the demand, more groups will be forming in the future as well. It seems that many people are ready to give their whole life to God. This program will help people achieve a real balance in their lives and put weight loss in its proper perspective. It's extremely easy to facilitate this program and we all love the wisdom from the authors. I highly recommend it! It's been a wonderful addition to our adult faith formation offerings and if you're looking for a good time to offer the program, you might consider offering it to busy parents while their children are in faith formation classes. I am not aware of any other diet and wellness program that is more appropriate in a Catholic setting and there is the added bonus of creating a small faith community among participants. A win-win situation for participants AND the parish community!"
—Darcy Wharton, Adult Faith Formation
St. Peter & St. Paul Catholic Church
Rocklin, CA

"I did my first 3D program back about 1986. I am now in an exercise program again and my daughter and I have just started the 3D program. Her the first time, me for the second time. My second daughter lives away from us; she started the program about two months ago so we are all trying to work together and make it a success. They asked me for the name of that 'diet you were on Mother.' They remembered! It was the best program I have ever participated in because of the DISCIPLINE it required. That writing it all down will get you. If you participate in a group and have to be accountable it makes it work all the better. The best part of it though is 'It teaches you how to eat right and there's nothing hard about that.'"
—Carolynn Ainsworth
Hobbs, NM

"(Our group) is small but we have such wonderful fellowship. Some weight is being lost, doctor reports are greatly improved, we are trying new activities under the umbrella of living better and we are loving God so much more. Every weekend I send out an e-mail with another scripture emphasis. Some of the ladies in my e-mail list don't even come to ( the YWL/3D) class...... One of my readers told me Sunday she has lost 11 pounds by doing the program on her own and being encouraged through the e-mails. My girls are going through 3 sessions. The first uses the 3D/ Your Whole Life book. The second group uses the "Open Your Heart" book and the 3rd group uses the "Surrendering Hunger" book. All gals read the devotions, journal and memorize scripture from the books (they are using) and the online helps you provide. The entire program works well for us. We would like to have a bigger weight loss record, but growing closer to our Lord is the top priority...and that is happening."
—Trudy Bolejack
Cape Coral, FL

"What I like most about this program and have come to really appreciate is that there are no hard fast rules and changes to make immediately to my life... and the changes that are suggested are small and ones I choose to make.
Now those are permanent parts of my life and I am making more and more small changes. I was not told to follow any certain food plan and walk the recommended 10,000 steps a day, but to "be aware of what I was doing....then to add 200 steps a day for a week , then do a few more little things and keep walking, maybe adding another 200 this week.....I went from walking 1800 steps to 5000 on a really good day. The daily reflections are wonderful! And the questions very helpful. My life is being changed by God's grace and this program. I want to shout it from the mountain tops and whisper it into the hearts that are listening.....It really IS about Your Whole Life!"
—Martie Aiello
Tiffin, OH

"Besides teaching me to eat right and helping me with discipline, I probably enjoy the closeness of the group and the bond we have formed more than anything else. One of the young women in my group thanks me all the time for starting the group."
—JoAnn Cepeda
Del Rio, TX

"We find ourselves in such a fast-paced lifestyle where people are neglecting themselves to the point of frustration in their homes, on their jobs, and in their personal lives. Your Whole Life has been a tool for us to help get back on track."
—Michele McKenna, New Jersey Women's Director Assemblies of God
Pastor's wife of Lighthouse Tabernacle

"We have become so close through this study, grown in our walk with the Lord, and shrunk several sizes!"
—Kathi Palmer, Spiritual Development/Small Groups
Victory Church
Lakeland, FL

"I have been in other weight-loss programs that promote healthy eating and exercise, and they were good, but they lacked the group support that comes from bonding with the same people week after week, and the spiritual strength and growth that comes from sharing the journey every day with God."
—Barbara Burns
Our Lady of Peace Catholic Church
Erie, PA