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Eat Right. Live Well.
Love God.

A 12-week Journey to Wholeness

Back in 1972, Carol Showalter started the first 3D group out of her own need as an over-stressed church leader, wife and mother (“3D” stood for “diet, discipline, and discipleship”). Before long, the program had spread to thousands of churches, helping over one million people to gain balance in their lives and a deeper relationship with God.

Today, the 3D Plan is inspired by the words of Jesus, “Your faith has made you whole.” (Mark 5:34) Co-authored by Carol Showalter and Maggie Davis, Your Whole Life: The 3D Plan for Eating Right, Living Well, and Loving God is the essential book that provides 12 weeks of nutritional goals, tips for living well, and daily devotional readings.

You don’t “go on a diet” in the 3D Plan. Instead, you are guided in making gradual changes in your life that are positive, practical, and proven to become permanent. The 3D Plan considers the whole person – physical, emotional, and spiritual – and not just the body.

We encourage you to do the 3D Plan with other people – whether you ask one close friend to join you, or start a group in your church. Through 3D, many women have found close friendship, deep connection, support, and encouragement on the journey, and in many cases, these relationships last well beyond the 3D sessions.

We’re all in this together. We hope you join us on the journey to wholeness!

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